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    December 16, 2012
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ones. we have the latest on what is being called one of the worst shooting tragedy's in america's history. it has reignited that debate. live in sandy hook connecticut. good morning. >> good morning. every corner of this community is still mourning the loss of those innocent lives. every where you go people are shaking. the schools they are going to be closed tomorrow for more day of grieving. >> overnight they had vigils even "saturday night live" paid tribute to the victims. he described the last time he
saw his daughter emily. >> she said she loved me i gave her a kiss and i went out the door. >> emily is one of the victims all of the children 1st graders 6 or 7 years old. 6 adults were also killed among them the school principal and psychologist both married with children. >> the principal of the school was running toward the shooter in order to protect her sue dents as was the school psychologist. >> the grim details dealt the grieving community another blow. some children were shot as many as 11 times. >> this probably is the worst i have ever seen. >> we are learning more about adam lanza the 22-year-old shooter heavily armed and coded in kevlar came in by breaking the glass. he is a former student and his mother worked as a teacher's aid there according to her aunt. >> she eventually wound up home schooling him because she
battled in the school district in what capacity i am not 100 percent certain. >> no words can express how heartbroken we are we are in a state of disbelief and trying to find whatever answers we can. for the survivors there's only heartbreak and haunt images. >> my teachers she saved a life and she also called mr. gun her husband and he called the police. >> president obama will meet the grieving families and attend a prayer vigil. >> thank you very much. >> there is a story of heroism rising from the tragedy. this one is that of vicky soto she was a substitute teacher family members spent agonizing hours after the shooting wondering what happened to her.
the waiting game to receive word. they were huddled behind her in the closet. they remember those victims. they are live at saint mary's cathedral with more on what is being done there. good morning. >> oo kierra we are having problems with your sound right now. we are going to come back to you. thank you very much to talk about the vigils and memorial services here in the bay area. the new town school shooting is every parent's nightmare even those who did not lose any children are realing from the
tragedy. reporter shows us how they are coping despite so many unanswered questions. >> it's so sad how quickly all of that can be taken away from you in a heartbeat. >> brigrief has settled in for parents. >> rather than do nothing laura can at least lay flowers and be grateful her own children don't seem to understand. a luxury of the very young that most don't have. a small community they know a victim some directly. >> last night we felt something unusual because they didn't respond on the phone calls or messages. >> (inaudible). >> trying to cope and connect signs are every where in the town center. this one marked each lost victim counting up to 27 including the shooter's mother.
another reminded it wasn't just children who were lost. mandy ives is thinking of the principal. her 9-year-old son was a student of the school. >> we moved here in the middle of the school year. she was so kind to my son. >> david's five-year-old daughter alexis went to preschool at the sandy hook elementary. >> i am afraid to even look at it to recognize and see the names of my little ones playmates. >> he sent his daughter to a different elementary school a stroke of fate on a day when parents look for answers where there are none. >> heart wrenching right now. it's not easy to swallow what's going on in my backyard. >> young law new town, connecticut. as this tragedy unfolds stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage. you can receive urgent updates on your smart phone by downloading our free abc 7 and options for our push notifications. let's turn now to our weather with our meteorologist
lisa argen. >> hi carolyn. good morning everyone. yesterday's light rain from a tenth to two tenths of an inch. it was cold. warmest spots along the coast 2k50egs. it is 49 we have cloudy skies with a few light showers in the north bay. temperatures are much warmer this morning due to the clouds cover low level moisture. so numbers ranging from the low 40s to about 50 this afternoon. more showers around. but the heavier concentrated rain from the next cold front comes in later on tonight just in time for your monday morning commute. we will look for even a few breaks in the cloud deck through out the day today. coastal hills north bay more showers light showers we will talk about how much rain with this nexts system coming in tonight. many people's minds are on that small new england town in connecticut new town, connecticut. so here in the bay area there are vigils and memorial services
to remember those who died. let's go back now live to our abc 7 news reporter tira clapper at st. marys. there are going to be services there today as well. that is right carolyn. the regular church services will proceed here. those innocent victims will be remembered. also inside the cathedral there's a special memorial set up. oo you heard a special arrangement of silent night at grace cathedral last night. it had a new meaning dedicated. so was the entire they want to channel the grief so many are feeling but they have differing opinions of what next step should be taken. >> simple solution about gun
control not enough. we also must ask what is behind the violence. >> we have to start with simple acts. how do you respond to something like this? you don't know what to do. how to how to reach out. you have to reach out starting on the home front with the families. >> at last night's lighting the faith of the decelebrated the jewish lights the remaining concert grace cathedral will be dedicated to the connecticut victims. kira clapper abc 7 news. there is other news this morning san francisco police have detained a man after a domestic dispute led to a lengthy standoff. when police arrived they packba
away thinking the man might have a weapon. nearby residents were evacuated or told to shelter in place until the mansur rendered around 11:00. police were searching his apartment for a weapon past midnight. san raf fell police a man wanted for murder in the transit center shooting. this weekend they released this picture of 24-year-old sunny dean. he shot a 22-year-old man on platform d at the transit center about 1:00 friday afternoon. the 22-year-old victim is in the hospital he is expected to survive. he was on lock down after a man fired from 50 rounds of the department store parking lot. it happened outside macy's at the up scale fashion island mall
in. he made sure nothing dangerous was inside. no one was hurt. in the effort to avoid the fiscal cliff a top republican offers to raise taxes on the wealthy. the very wealthy. fine out what house speaker john boehner has in mind. a power shift today in japan rpep
>> he is recovering this morning after a car went down a ravine in the county. it is a half mile west of panoramic highway. the car was 150 feeted across the road the driver was able to hoist him to safety. he went to the general hospital suffering hypothermia. the highway was closed between fort ross north of jenner. a series of storms hit the area. engineers have determined the work is going to take longer
than expected. experts and political leaders from connecticut to try to answer the questions. can any measures be taken to prevent mass shootings in the future. it is a special edition of this week this morning at 8 right here on nbc 7. egypt's islamists are claiming a majority vote on the country's proposed charter. it has a narrow majority in the first round on a referendum backed constitution. the brotherhood's account shows nearly 57 percent 26 million
voters moir voting is set to take place in the country's remaining 25 million voters. the egyptian president hails from the group which accurately predicted past election results. japanese voters are voting in a general election that will give the country 7th prime minister in years. they will back the liberal democratic party giving it another chance they call tsunami politics play a role nearly a year after that disaster. thousands of japanese are still suffering through a second winter waiting for their homes waiting to be rebuilt. as lawmakers and president obama grapple with a way to avoid the fiscal cliff a top republican will raise income taxes on americans earning more than a million dollars a year. the move by house speaker john boehner is a concession in negotiations with the president
to avoid the fast approaching end of temporary tax cuts. but the offer falls far short of the president's demands for an increase on households earning more than 250,000 dollars. a move shows a possible break through in the stand juf with the nation's huge debt problem a spokesman says a deal no it is not eminent. well, is wet weather eminent? can we expect more? our meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the weather. >> it is looking more active towards the end of the workweek. right now looking at plenty of clouds out there. due to cloud cover temperatures are milder this morning. a little fog and a look at the last week before christmas. first day of winter. all of that is coming up. >> santa is packing more than gifts during this opportunity.
look at this that has some people
>> welcome back everyone. it is 6:20 on this sunday morning. hopefully you are staying nice
and warm. this is a live look from our east bay cam showing you folks already trying to get out and about. maybe they are hoping to be the first in line for hanukkah gifts, christmas gifts, kwanzaa gifts. i don't know. will rain delay that shopping? >> not really. we are going to have a few breaks today. we are looking at an active end of the workweek. right now cloud cover in san francisco keeping temperatures much much milder. we are at nearly 50 degrees this morning. light rain off to the north in santa rosa. sun wi sunrise 7:19. 9 hours 33 men's of daylight. as we look at live doppler 7 h. d. this morning talk about a little bit of rain in santa rosa you can see a few returns up here towards napa very light. that will be the order of the day today as we are in between our next weather system that
arrives late tonight. so few light returns here. we could see a shower with the atmosphere so moist under the warm frontal sector of this next system. it sets the stage for what is ahead a colder air mass not as cold behind the front when the clouds clear we get the very very cold conditions. that should happen. 43 in fairfield in temperatures anywhere from 3-14 degrees milder this morning. hopefully you feel it out there and taking the chill out of the air. the fog is a bit of a problem. visibility reduced half-moon bay. 3 miles nevado. concorde seeing low clouds there. knotted as cold a few showers mainly north this afternoon. possibility of light shower every where. otherwise the next system
arrives later on tonight. here's a look at satellite radar composite. the cloud cover the moisture for the north. we are looking at this warm band of rain through out the afternoon hours. this will bring in anywhere from a tenth to trace amounts in the south bay. as we fast forward the computer animation to 9:00 this morning you can see the widespread rain as we get into 9, 10:00 you can see the rain in the north bay. more widespread concentrated rain in the overnight hours. by 11, 12:00 tomorrow we are into that break. with a few scattered showers after that the nice break colder conditions will last tuesday into wednesday. colder overnight conditions. a few sunny breaks in the afternoon with tuesday wednesday featuring the dry period quarter to half an inch and peninsula east bay trace amounts in the south bay.
north bay half inch to an inch right on through tomorrow afternoon. temperatures today upper 40s half-moon bay 50s san francisco. 50s toward the east bay. don't be surprised to see a few sunny breaks. after this next weak system we will see a few showers tuesday brief break wednesday and rain sures, friday, saturday looks like it could spread several inches of rain in the north bay. so we will be watching that closely. >> all right. we have that one little day to kind of dry out and people can get ready for bigger stuff coming down the pike. >> that's right. >> thank you, lisa. connecticut school tragedy is stirring up the gun debate all over the nation. one texas gun range is smack in the middle of the controversy after an unusual opportunity in santa. >> smile. >> it is cruhristmas at the gun
range it means pictures with santa. and his ar 15. >> it's a child friendly event. >> i think it's extremely important to train children, to educate them, take the mystery out of the guns. >> don't tell that to reverend peter johnson a strong advocate of gun control he says kids and guns sends a wrong message. >> we have to talk about our love affair in eye lens. >> he thinks violence would decrease if they were harder to get. he took 22,000 guns during gun buy backs. >> we aren't going to be able to take guns out of america's hands but i think we must begin to talk to america about violence itself. >> the owners of the gun range say they don't advocate violence. the numerous gun safety classes. >> this is one of the reasons we opened the range was to educate children to train them in the
correct way to use them. it can be a fun support doesn't have to be dangerous. >> the problem is the person behind the gun not the weapon itself. if people want to hurt another person they can use a baseball bat. >> the difference is a baseball bat is for hitting the baseball. a gun is for killing people. >> both sides differ on what needs to be done both say they are united in pain and anger about what happened in connecticut and both believe something has to be done so no more innocent people die in schools. rebecca low his reporting. let's check out sports. the 49 years face tom brady and the new england patriots while state champs emerge in high school football. the warriors are off to their best start in years. here is sports. >> longest road trip of the year 7 games in 7 days ended yesterday in an law a-- atlanta.
took a loss in orlando but ended with a win over atlanta coming home 6-1. best start since the 91-92 season. rookie improving the game. three of the 12 in the first half. he had 19 in the game. he had 19 as well. this seteam is most effective wn everyone gets involved. three of his 13. david lee at 20 points, 1 points averaging a double double 20-10 on every single game on this trip. two rebound shots of a triple double. he had 18 points. warriors 6-1 on a road trip for the first time in franchise history. 115-93 the final. uc davis nonconference match up after a couple weeks of exams. 23 of the team's 52 points.
only two hit double digits. the jumper and the foul. he had 14 points. cardinal led 43-29 at the half. led them off at 20. 75-52 victory. 6th in the nation in storing. justin cobbs carried the load. he had 18. no match for doug mcdermotmcder. cal falls 6-3 with the 10 point victory. the high school football state championship. centennial has state's leading offense with two 1,000 yard rushers. he talked about retiring after 34 years at the helm. three of the four rushing yards. they were up 21-0.
second half quarterback chris williams guns it to austin lone star. great name. 38 yards 39-14 spartans. centennial had a great offense. couldn't get it any closer. extending the lead once again. open division state champions for the 4th straight year. division 3 title game. headed to cal through four td's. wildcats up. he ran for 272 yards. can't coach speed and this kid has some. 79 yoordz. madison is the cif division 3 champion with a 38-35 victory. >> 49ers in new england to take on the patriots tonight. i am mike shumann have a great day. a job senator in the east
bay is the center of a controversy. it's a way to help decrease violence in oakland so why would any one be against it? that story ahead. hundreds of nurses in the bay area are oursing the holiday bay area are oursing the holiday season to send a and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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>> welcome back everyone. vigils honoring those killed are being held around the nation including here in the bay area. we are of course talking about newtown, connecticut. there is a service at saint mary's cathedral this morning. grace cathedral brought together people to show prayers for the families of the connecticut school tragedy. abc 7 news reporter sergio contana has more. >> olivia engel, born july 18th, 2006. >> at a candlelight vigil on the front steps of the elementary school the names of those killed in connecticut were read. >> these children were 5 and 6 years old. we all know 5 and 6-year-olds which is why it was so important to gather on the front steps of an elementary school. >> among those the reverend rhodes.
she shared her familiar lace pain. her cousin had two children at sandy hook elementary who managed to escape safely. she hasn't been able to talk to them about what happened. >> shut their phone off but i am getting a post from facebook and i will probably talk to their grandmother in the next couple of days. >> they held their vigils for about an hour which is longer than the organizer suspected. >> i was surprised my husband counted 49 people which rain and cold and just found out about it a few hours ago. >> across the pay in san francisco another group braved the rain and the cold. children held signs spelling out calls for action. these vigils sprung up across the bay all have a similar theme. they are coming together to show support of the families of those lost and to call for change. >> we had unfortunately a number of shocking shootings even within the last year. i don't know what it takes for us to reach a tipping point. i will be curious to see if this is a tipping point.
>> abc 7 news. united airlines are getting a new union contract that brings them closer to finalizing the merger with continental. pilots will get big raises averaging 43.2 percent including larger retirement contributions. the pilots association says it was improved 69 percent of the united and continental who voted. they have a major concession expanding the use of larger jets for regional flights. they old 70 seats or more. thousands of bay area union nurses hold a one-day strike on christmas eve starting the morning of december 24th. the california nurse's association says the strike effects 7 bay area hospitals operated better health and two more san jose hospitals affiliated with the hospital
corporation of america. this would be the 8th strike buy cna since september last year. it has junior leaders and hospital managers remain at odds over staffing levels health benefits and other contract issues. oakland wants to build a new job center but says the plan to pay for it is a sell out for the community. that is because the money would come from revenues generated by a new billboard near the bay bridge toll plaza. the story from abc 7 news reporter. >> one plight is another crucial funding source. that's the gist of the controversy over how to pay for a new job attica rear resource center. it would fund the center with proceed from five new bright and shiny billboards along the freeway at the bay bridge landing. they would join the three that are already there. >> it is a monday stross city i
will grant you that but those decisions have been made in negotiations. some of the revenue from the billboard ought to fund the job center. >> to show support they have a number of community members to hold a prayer service. it would house the career center on the second floor. the proposed fields from billboard placement from the cash is ultimately a bad one for the community. >> we all want jobs and a jobs center. to base it on polluting our landscape test trying to pit us against each other. that is the intention of this. >> they have one job training center they helped thousands of the most troubled to get good
skills. the ends do justify the means when it coles to crime and unemployment. things are tight right now. they help the program it would generate funds if the funds are allocated to the right place it would be a plus plus. taxi drivers say apps can steel their business so they are getting even with an app of their own. how it could help you get around town? that's coming up. here is a live look from the cam showing you a slice of the bay. we are all experiencing cold weather. it is not even officially winter yet. >> we will have
>> an grace i have campaign of their own with an app that hcals a taxi to pick you up. while the other apps are butting heads with government regulator this is one is working with them. >> as he drives his taxi through the bumpy streets in san francisco they start to ring. the phone is starting a brand new app called flywheel. it looks like this a map of the participating cabs in the city. >> you push one button. the one nearest gets assigned to you. >> some were using it before the
town cars. it is being reborn as flywheel complete with bold new advertising anna promise to help cabbies complete with the black cars and drivers with the pink mustaches. >> they get 20-30 percent more rides a day by having these mobile appsable to access their vehicles real time. >> it is in a third of san francisco taxis to the other communication device. >> now we have the power of a cell phone. >> for cab companies it could replace dispatch systems or work along side the two-way radio to give the bird's-eye view of where the drivers are. >> i need four in about 10-12 minutes. anybody interested? >> by working with dispatchers instead of going around them they have managed to get broad support from cab companies. >> three assigned i need one more. >> while they battle from state regulators flywheel are the
growing endorsement from the city. >> they plan to get all companies using transitions. in san francisco jonathan bloom abc 7 news. giving back and sharing the wealth for the holidays. the building housing the nonprofit glide was packed with people. everyone received a blanket. this is the 16th year in a row they had main kets a -- blanket and passed them out to those in need. they hold the promise of helping paralyze people walk. these experimental devices cost 10's of thousands of dollars. now a smaller cheaper commercial version is helping patients regain their mobility. abc 7 news has a look.
>> she was -- he was a marathon runner before he was left partially paralyzed. >> i wouldn't regain much mobility at all. >> he was a geologist before a massive stroke devastated his speech and much of the right side of his body. >> when he first had his stroke he couldn't move or talk. >> now both men are gaining back mobility with kick start a scaled down version of an ex owe skelet skeleton. it helps them move their limbs. >> it helps with people with spinal cord injuries it is bilateral. they are also quite expensive. >> former director of physical therapy. he likes that kick start has limited movement pro fepel thei legs with a walking motion without the use of the motor. >> if you don't do it yourself, if you don't initiate hip flexors or due try to flex your
knee or heel the device can't do erg for you. >> as eric pushes forward with his left leg the brace on the right relice it is as he lifts his right foot forward. his wife says the added push allowed eric to climb the steep hills in the san francisco neighborhood rebuilding his coordination and muscle strength. >> he is not hiking up his hip and walking with his knee out and leg stiff. those are major things. >> the rehabilitation is more challenging after his injury. he was only able to use his leg muscles in a swimming pool but over the last several months with kick start braces on both legs he is taking his first limited steps with the help of a walker. >> working slowly my body is becoming used to it. now we are seeing very strong gains i would say. >> quick start is designed for patients to use at home it has to be prescribed a physician and
fited by a trained specialist. since the company is less than a year old kick start has providers in four cities including san francisco. the price $7,800. insurance coverage varies. but for patients like eric and vaughn this has helped them take critical steps on their road to recovery. >> i have every reason to belief i am making progress and moving towards it. >> carolyn says designers believe kick start could help patients weakened by muscular dystrophy and als. they are releasing data from a clinical trial early next year. we might get a break from the rain today maybe. here is louise saw. -- here is lisa. >> if you are in the south bay it is looking more likely. live look outside from the roof camera. clouds keeping us nice and mild this morning. i will let you know how long this break will last.
full accu-weather forecast is next. thank you lisa. also we are going to check out a toy that could change a young girl's l
>> jonathan bloom explains it is quite different than any doll house you have ever seen. >> in case you are wondering that's an electric fireplace in an imaginary ski cabin. >> it appears you can put stairs
to go up. >> it was built with a source speegsly for girls ages 6-10. >> there aren't many toys for girls it is just dolls and princesses. >> they started their toy company at stanford startup business accelerator after graduating in a class of mostly male engineers. >> needs to be done at an earlier stage to get girls to understand science and engineering are fun. >> while most teach interior design it teaches structural engineering. >> these are the building pieces for the furniture. included in that is a little mini catalog of ideas that you can make. >> there is an electric motor for fans elevators and washing machines. they shot this video of kids trying it out. the orders are pouring in.
>> it has been beyond anything we expected. >> alice and patina already sold 2,000 toy this is holiday season. the latest batch of 1,000 is well on its way to selling out. between now and christmas they will be selling long hours. >> working together they can label box and ship about one order a minute. >> it is not glamorous. that's what i learned about unfinished in the last year. it's by doing everything that has to happen. >> but seeing kids captivated makes it all worth it. >> the parents are like i am not done. >> jonathan bloom abc 7 news. well meteorologist lisa argen is here now. if you are hoping for sunny lovely warm weather, forget about it. >> yeah, seriously. >> we are a little warmer, though, with all of the clouds around we are in the 40s. upper 40s downtown. still plenty of low level moisture around the bay area. right now we are taking you to
tahoe heavenly mountain resort. you are looking at cloudy skies and temperatures in the low 30s right now at the tahoe valley airport. southwest wind at 14 gusting to 20 miles per hour. windy conditions in the area with a high of 37 today with snow and back home, isn't this a cool shot from our east bay. you can see all of the clouds and that official sunrise after 7. some of you may see a few peeks of sun. otherwise low level moisture around rainy mist, drizzle and light rain right now. it is fall you will go under the radar beam. there is a little mist and drizzle out there from the north beydoun to san francisco. if you are headed out this morning do be careful. you will notice the temperatures are pretty mild with 49 san francisco, 47 in oakland. even in our north and eastern
valley lower to mid 40s. that puts us much, much warmer than yesterday. anywhere from 5 -- 3 to 5 degrees to 11-12 degrees warmer. starting out the milder conditions but there's a price to pay for that. the low level moisture with the moisture and the light rain through out the morning hours and the afternoon. it will be kind of damp again. rainfall amounts not amounting to too much as we are in between systems. our visibility anywhere from 3 miles half-moon bay to better than that around mountain view and san jose. showers this morning and this afternoon. the next significant system heads our way overnight tonight. that will bring in a rainy monday morning commute. here is our satellite and radar composite. there is the warm frontal sector of the next system and that is allowing for the clouds, light showers. within the next 12-18 hours this is what we get into.
this morning we are looking wet from santa rosa to san francisco as you go through the afternoon pretty moist. don't look for sunshine unless you are around the santa cruz area. from sonoma to napa pushing through 5, 6, 7:00 tomorrow morning the front clears by midday tomorrow. rainfall amounts with this next system light in the north bay anywhere from half an inch to an inch. around san francisco east bay may be a quarter of an inch up to a tenth of an inch in the south bay. upper 40s to low 50s today. chilly but milder than yesterday. sunny breaks here and there from the south bay the central coast to the light showers heavier rain tonight a break comes in tuesday and wednesday. more rain thursday, friday, saturday.
looks like it wants to keep ongoing. >> moist. isn't that an under @ñ
>> light showers arnsd. mild temperatures. warmer than yesterday but still showers around. 53 oakland san jose. the next wet weather system or
organized rain comes in overnight tonight through the monday morning commute. then we clear on out maybe half inch to an inch of rain. break midweek. heavier rain next week into next weekend. looks like christmas could be wet, too. >> that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc 7 sunday morning news. i am carolyn towers along with lisa argen. abc 7 news continues at 9:00 this morning. abc 7's gift to you this holiday season is a options for smart phones and tablets. download our app for your iphone android and tablet and the kindle fire. abc 7 news app is available for all those devices as well as
this morning, a special edition of "good mng edition of "good morning america" as the president prepares to visit a shattered newtown, connecticut, where we are learning much more about the young man behind the worst elementary school shooting in american history. >> he always carried a briefcase, and that's what sticks out most in my mind. >> did his mother, the first victim, give him target practice? also this morning, for the first time we are hearing a survival story from inside his school.

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